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Vol. XXXV, No. 1 (March 2021)

Odontogen frontoparial epidural and subdural empyema complicated with frontal intracerebral abscess and Covid: Case report



Introduction: Cerebral infections (frontoparietal extradural and subdural empyema) following a dental abscess and multiple sinusitis is a rare and potentially devastating entity even in the era of modern diagnosis and treatment.

Case presentation: We present a patient with parietal epidural and subdural empyema and intracerebral frontal abscess, sinusitis and dental abscess, chronic consumer of alcohol and with neglected diabetes mellitus. He was initially diagnosed with encapsulated hematoma and sinusitis. The pus obtained at the intervention was certified by our laboratory as sterile with the consequent difficulty in antibiotic treatment and who induced a longer antibiotic treatment, a second surgical intervention for an encapsulated frontal abscess, a longer hospitalisation and favoured contamination with Covid 19. Despite these, the patient had a finally good evolution.

Conclusions: A frontoparietal extradural and subdural empyema and an intracerebral frontal abscess produced by a dental abscess and sinusitis is a rare and potentially lethal complication. The multidisciplinary approach between radiologist, neurosurgeon, otolaryngologist, dentist, microbiologists is mandatory for a proper diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.