preclinical outcome models
intraluminal devices
intracranial aneurysm

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Agrawal, A., Moscote-Salazar, L. R. ., & Janjua , T. . (2021). Letter to the editor: Intracranial aneurysm: research in preclinical outcome models and human effectiveness of intraluminal devices. Romanian Neurosurgery, 35(2), 239–240. Retrieved from https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/roneurosurgery/article/view/1731


Endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms has become one of the most important preclinical research arenas. This influential progress is due to the incredible development of new devices and catheters technologies. One of the main outcomes for intraluminal devices used for treatment is the rate of occlusion of the aneurysm.



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