failed back syndrome
spinal cord stimulation
epidural stimulation

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Aichaoui, F., Khelifa, A., Assoumane, I., Al-Zekri, M., & Morsli, A. (2019). Treatment of chronic pain by spinal cord stimulation. Romanian Neurosurgery, 33(4), 508–512. https://doi.org/10.33962/roneuro-2019-082


Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is often used to describe the condition of patients who have experienced continued pain after surgery. It is of multifactorial genesis and may be the consequence of various lumbar spinal diseases; lumbar disc herniation surgery or spinal canal stenosis laminectomy. The presented series included 13 patients affected with chronic pain related to FBSS who underwent implantation of spinal cord stimulation. The mean percentage of pain relief was 90 % for all patients. 60% of the patients were in a better psychological status and the intake of analgesic medications has been reduced of more than 70%. More than 50% of the patients could resume professional activities. Analysis of the risks and benefits comes in favour of spinal cord stimulation.



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