Traumatic dural venous sinus thrombosis A Mini Review

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Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar
Willem Guillermo Calderón-Miranda
Nidia Escobar-Hernandez
Marticela Cabeza-Morales
Andrés M. Rubiano
Hernando Raphael Alvis-Miranda
Nasly Zabaleta-Churio
Amit Agrawal


The dural venous sinus thrombosis is a benign disease, representing about 1% of cerebral vascular events. In some cases the development of the disease increased intracranial pressure or symptomatic epilepsy. The development towards a dural venous sinus thrombosis is rare, but is a condition to be considered before the development of ischemic vascular events and a history of recent head trauma. Intracranial hematomas or skull fractures can lead to the establishment of obstructive pathology of the dural venous sinuses. The knowledge of this entity is necessary for the critical care staff and neurosurgery staff.

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Moscote-Salazar, L. R., Calderón-Miranda, W. G., Escobar-Hernandez, N., Cabeza-Morales, M., Rubiano, A. M., Alvis-Miranda, H. R., Zabaleta-Churio, N., & Agrawal, A. (2016). Traumatic dural venous sinus thrombosis: A Mini Review. Romanian Neurosurgery, 30(3), 446–451. Retrieved from