complete spinal cord transection
magnetic resonance imaging study
associated injury

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Satyarthee, G. D., & Panda, S. (2019). Traumatic complete transection of dorsal spinal cord un-associated with spinal fracture or subluxation: Management review. Romanian Neurosurgery, 33(2), 183–187. https://doi.org/10.33962/roneuro-2019-034


Complete transection of spinal cord is an extremely rare occurrence, and usually associated with spinal instability, fracture or spondylolisthesis and also have associated systemic polytrauma involving multiple organs injury. However, a complete transaction of spinal cord unassociated with fracture or dislocation or without abnormality on X-ray and CT scan imaging is extremely uncommon. Kalfas et al. observed 11.2 % of cases had cord transection in the study of sixty-two cases spinal cord-injured patients, who underwent spinal MRI, were additionally had evidence vertebral injury. In 2010, Cha et al reported the first case of transection of cord in the cervical region in a 34- year- adult male, as the first case in literature, which was not associated with any vertebral body fracture or dislocation. Authors report an interesting case, 15-year boy, who had complete transection of the spinal cord associated with polytrauma following a motor vehicle accident, spinal X-ray and CT scan imaging was unremarkable, however spinal MRI scan established the diagnosis. Briefly, imaging, management and pertinent literature are reviewed.



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