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Vol. XXXV, No. 1 (March 2021)

Volumetric threshold of pituitary macroadenoma as a predictor to visual impairment: Clinical correlation



Purpose: In this study, we aimed at correlating the curve of visual impairment against pituitary macroadenoma size.

Method: In this study, we retrospectively analyzed the visual correlation between the volume and dimensions of pituitary adenoma and the degree of visual impairment on patients’ examination. 35 patients with no history of eye or refraction disorder were included in the study. Spearman correlation test was used to validate the correlation.

Results: 57 % of pituitary macroadenoma patients suffer from visual impairment, even if not the primary presentation. Macroadenomas greater than 5 cm³ in volume and/or 2 cm height are more likely to cause various degrees of visual impairment, this correlation is not linear beyond these values.

Conclusion: Visual impairment due to pituitary adenomas is more frequent than the presentation, the threshold volume is 5 cm³ and height is 2 cm, bigger adenomas behaviour is more multifactorial than the only size.