Post-traumatic arachnoid cyst without neurological sequels A case report

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Raphael Oliveira Ramos Franco Netto
João Italo Fortaleza de Melo
Victor Augusto Ramos Fernandes
Juliana de Almeida Rodrigues Franco Netto
Leonardo Gattass Ferreira
Luiz Dias Dutra


An eight-year-old male patient was admitted to the hospital with a history of left median paramedian frontal craniectomy due to car trauma at six months of age. Axial computed tomography of the skull with reconstruction in three dimensions revealed an arachnoid cyst with slight herniation of the brain in the frontal lobe, leading to protrusion against the skullcap, causing dilation of the ex-vacuum of the anterior extension of the homolateral lateral ventricle. He presented asymmetrical lateral ventricles, a reduced base cistern, and a slightly ectatic IV centred ventricle. After the physical examination, no neurological deficit was found, despite the changes identified in the images. It is believed that such conditions may progressively worsen with the development and maturation of nervous tissue over the age of the assessed child. To confirm this, specialized monitoring is of fundamental importance.

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Franco Netto, R. O. R., de Melo, J. I. F., Fernandes, V. A. R., Franco Netto, J. de A. R., Ferreira, L. G., & Dutra, L. D. (2020). Post-traumatic arachnoid cyst without neurological sequels: A case report. Romanian Neurosurgery, 34(2), 294-297.