Long term study on the effects of microsurgical DREZotomy for chronic pain control

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Fayçal Aichaoui
Khelifa Adel
Muneer Al-Zekri
Walid Bennabi
Sid Abderahman Myara
Abdelhalim Morsli


The DREZotomy (Dorsal Root Entry Zone tomy) is an analgesic procedure. The analgesic effect is evaluated on 30 patients with chronic pain resulting from respectively: brachial plexus avulsion (66.6%), postherpetic pain (10%), hyperspastic states (6.6%), phantom pain (6.6%), the pain in the stump (6.6%), and spinal cord injuries (3.3%). Pain intensity was evaluated using a visual analogue scale (VAS). At last evaluation, between 12 and 60 months, after DREZotomy, 93% had a good or excellent global pain relief after surgery. According to the component types of pain, 9.6% of patients had good or excellent control of the paroxysmal pain, and 84% of the continuous pain. Kaplan–Meier prediction of lasting global pain control at 60 months of follow-up was calculated at 75.5%. Comparison of the 2 corresponding Kaplan–Meier curves at long term, namely, pain control in 82.8% for the paroxysmal component and in 51.7% for the continuous component, showed a statistically significant difference (P < 0.0001). Functional effects are improved by more than 70% according to patients.

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Aichaoui, F., Adel, K., Al-Zekri, M., Bennabi, W., Myara, S. A., & Morsli, A. (2020). Long term study on the effects of microsurgical DREZotomy for chronic pain control. Romanian Neurosurgery, 34(2), 288-293. https://doi.org/10.33962/roneuro-2020-042