Intraneural synovial sarcoma of median nerve A rare case report with review of literature

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Sandeep Bhardwaj
Anil Kansal
Rohit Bansil
Rakesh Singh
Akangsha Sharma


Synovial sarcomas are highly aggressive soft tissue tumour with a poor and dismal prognosis. These tumours have a high propensity for distant metastasis and local recurrence.  Although originally believed to arise from synovium, these tumours have been found to occur anywhere in body [1],[2]. We report here, a case of median nerve sarcoma in a 15-year female. This is a rare tumour, which is diagnosed only after histopathological examination with only a few cases reported in the literature (Table 1). Although preoperatively tumour was thought to be a nerve sheath tumour, on histopathology analysis was found to be synovial sarcoma. Despite aggressive behaviour, wide local excision is recommended even in smaller lesions. So, the diagnosis should always be kept in differentials of nerve sheath tumour, as what may be a synovial sarcoma.

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Bhardwaj, S., Kansal, A., Bansil, R., Singh, R., & Sharma, A. (2020). Intraneural synovial sarcoma of median nerve: A rare case report with review of literature. Romanian Neurosurgery, 34(2), 275-279.