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Atci, A. G. (2019). Quality and reliability of the information on YouTube Videos about Botox injection on spasticity. Romanian Neurosurgery, 33(4), 473–477. https://doi.org/10.33962/roneuro-2019-075


Background: This study analyzes the botox injection on spastisite videos that have the highest views and likes on YouTube, and attempts to reveal the video qualities in order to contribute to the literature.

Methods: For review, “botox injection on spastisite” was written to the standard YouTube search bar, and the videos with the highest views were ranked using advanced search preferences. The 69 most widely viewed videos were watched and scored by one physician.

Results: The mean Modified DISCERN Score of the videos was 2,66+/-1,032 (the lowest: 1; the highest: 4) while the mean GQS score was 2,876+/-1,06 (the lowest: 1; the highest:4). In addition, the mean DISCERN score and the mean GQS value were 3,51 and 3,82, respectively, for the informational videos that were uploaded by health professionals but did not contain actual surgery.

Conclusion: We think that medical associations and state authorities in medicine should check the validity and accuracy of the information on the internet and should support the society in access to the most correct information.



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