metastatic spread
CSF disseminated meningioma

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Cucu, A. I., Turliuc, M. D., Costea, C. F., Costăchescu, B., Ghiciuc, C. M., Dobrovăț, B., Bogdănici, C. M., Tănase, D. M., Dumitrescu, G. F., Sava, A., & Poeată, I. (2019). “The Silk Road” via subarachnoid cisterns: Cerebrospinal fluid dissemination of meningiomas. Romanian Neurosurgery, 33(3), 260–267. https://doi.org/10.33962/roneuro-2019-043


Meningiomas are generally slow-growing extra-axial benign tumours and in rare cases they can metastasize both neural and extra-neural. Intracranial meningiomas with leptomeningeal dissemination are extremely rare and the exact pathogenesis still remains unknown. The aim of this review is to analyse the pathways of intracranial and spinal metastatic spread of intracranial meningiomas and to discuss their particular clinical and pathological features. We highlight the fact that there is a possibility of leptomeningeal dissemination, even if cerebrospinal fluid cytology is negative, in patients with a medical history of a resected meningioma. We identified three possible ways of dissemination: haematogenous, through the CSF, or during surgery. From a histopathological point of view, the more malignant the meningioma, the more likely its leptomeningeal dissemination.



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