The Peer Review Process

Initial acceptance and peer review process details: The manuscripts received are reviewed by the Editor-In-Chief and the Senior Editor, which prepare the corresponding reports for the acceptance or rejection of the article, based on the quality criteria. The manuscript is checked both if the article meets the formal criteria as the specific scope of the journal, respecting the writing rules and being formatted according to Chicago style. It takes 2 - 4 weeks for an initial decision of the Editor-In-Chief and Senior Editor. 

After analysing the initial quality of the manuscript, the Editorial Board Members assign the review of the paper to two Reviewers through the "double-blind peer review" system. In case of discrepancy, the Editors will ask for review the third reviewer. This process takes about 8 weeks for the reviews.  

Reviewers submit a review report form in which recommend accepting the article, carrying out improvements or rejecting the submitted article. Then, the decision is sent to the author/s. If Reviewers have asked the Author/s to make minor or major changes, the Author must submit a new version of the article with all the suggestions included. The Editorial Board, according to the initial assessments made in the aforementioned reports, will evaluate this work again. Options mentioned in the review report form: 

  • Acceptance for publication
  • Acceptance for publication after minor revision (decided after implemented revisions are checked by the Editorial Board)
  • Re-reviewing of the manuscript after major revision. After revision is made by the authors, the manuscript is reviewed for the second tour.
  • Rejection

Quality assurance: The entire peer-review process depends on the scientific reputation, professionalism and voluntary participation of invited reviewers from social sciences in various cultural backgrounds. 

Proofreading. The authors themselves will ensure proofreading within the period indicated by the Editorial Board. In the case where the author does not respond within a certain period, the Editorial Board will not carry out the revision.

Responsibility: PERR (Psycho-Educational Research Reviews) and London Academic Publishing are not responsible for the ideas and opinions expressed in the published works. The full responsibility is on the author/s side. This remark is also mentioned in the Copyright Agreement for Authors section on the website. 



The reviews are prepared on this review form.




Scholars collaborating with PERR as reviewers:

Prof. Dr. Michael Wehmeyer (USA)

Prof. Dr . Ali Abd Rab Elnabi Hanfi (Egypt)

Prof. Dr. Fathali M. Moghaddam (USA)

Prof. Dr. Jerrell C. Cassady (USA)

Prof. Dr. Jerry G. Trusty (USA)

Prof. Dr. Richard J. Hazler (USA)

Prof. Dr. Sally M. Reis (USA)

Prof. Dr. Paul Bell (USA)

Prof. Dr.  Rom Harre (USA)

Prof. Dr. Svjetlana Kolić-Vehovec (Croatia)

Dr. Saada Abdul Fatah (Egypt)

Prof. Dr. Stella Vázquez (Argentine)

Dr. Bilge Uzun (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Adel Abdullah, Mohamed (Egypt)

Prof. Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli (USA)

Dr. Helal , D. (Lebanon)

Prof. Dr. AbdullAziz, H.(Algeria)

Dr. Raquel Horta Fialho do Amaral (Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Peter Farrell (UK)

Dr. Regina Maria Ayres de Camargo (Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Ghanem Al Bustami (UAE)

Dr. Bihan Qaimary

Dr. Nahida Al-Arja (Palestine)

Dr. Bashir Abu-Hamour

Dr. Negmeldin Alsheikh (UAE)

Dr. Ahmed Khaled Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Alzyoudi

Prof. Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli (USA)

Prof. Dr. Seth Parsons (USA)

Dr. Nabil, M. (Jordan)

Prof. Dr. Fathi Abdull Hamid (Egypt)

Dr. Nabil, K. (Syria)

Prof. Dr. Asharaf A. Sherit (Egypt)

Dr.  Dürdane (Dury) Bayram-Jacobs 

Prof. Dr.  Leda Verdiani Tfouni (Brazil)


Dr. Stefano Cavalli (Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Kokaridas (Greece)

Dr. Lucia Serenella De Federicis (Italy)

Dr. Urszula Dernowska (Poland)

Dr. Josep Lluís Conde Sala (Spain)

Dr. Emre Ünlü (Turkey)

Dr. Javier Martín Babarro (Spain)

Dr. Ruken Akar Vural (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Adolfo Cangas Diaz (Spain)

Dr. Bertan Akyol (Turkey)

Dr. Solieman A. (Egypt)

Dr. Omeima Kamel (Egypt)

Dr. Aslı Bugay (Turkey)

Dr. Fadlon Saad (Egypt)

Dr. Taner ALTUN (Turkey)

Dr. Waleed Khalifa (Egypt)

Dr. Hüseyin Kotaman (Turkey)