Teachers’ Views on the Classroom Inspection Practices of School Principals

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Bertan Akyol
Mehmet Ulutaş
İlknur Durdu


The research aims to identify the attitudes of middle school teachers and school principals on lecture inspections. This research uses a case study research design. The data collection tool was used in interviews because it aimed to help principals access more extensive data in relation to the comments of middle school teachers on lecture inspection. The study group of the research was five teachers working in different branches of the Buca Otuken Middle School in the academic year 2016-2017. The sample in the research was determined with convenience sampling. The data for the research was obtained through the semi-structured interview form prepared by the researchers after a literature review. The validity of the interview form used in obtaining research data was considered stepwise in terms of criteria. The findings on the comments of the teachers in the school in which the research was performed on lecture inspections by principals. The findings are considered separately as sub-problems. In the first sub-problem, we aimed to establish the expectations of the school principal in terms of duties and competence. The participants were asked to list the duties and competencies they expected. In the second sub-problem, the participants were asked about their opinion of the leadership role of the school principal during inspections. The participants desire a principal who is a constructive leader who can control the style and level of criticism. In the third sub-problem, the teachers were asked for their opinions on the evaluation and feedback style of the school principal after inspection. The duration should be determined based on the teacher. As a leader, the school principal should be aware of this duration with each teacher.

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Akyol, Bertan, Mehmet Ulutaş, and İlknur Durdu. 2021. “Teachers’ Views on the Classroom Inspection Practices of School Principals”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (1):143-51. https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/perr/article/view/1636.