Effects of Cognitive Therapy Program on Increasing Personal Intelligence

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Hanan Mohamed Sayed Ismail


Personal intelligence is one of the multiple intelligences concerned with individuals` internal characteristics. It plays a major role in the understanding of oneself in all one`s aspects being aware of one`s abilities and acting accordingly. personal intelligence also reveals the extent of individual`s honesty with themselves and enhances their understanding of their emotions, intentions, and goals The cognitive therapy method developed by Beck suggests that individuals are subject to negative concepts and automatic thoughts that cause negative feelings about the self. The therapeutic method is based on the cognitive model, which states that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are paramount and that individuals can overcome difficulties and achieve goals by identifying and changing their patterns of thinking. cognitive distortions result from inaccurate thoughts, problem behaviours, and painful emotional responses. In cognitive therapy, individuals work in collaboration with the attending physician to develop the skills to test and modify beliefs, identify cognitive distortions, improve communication with others, and change behaviours. This study implemented a cognitive therapy program to develop personal intelligence, which showed his indirect effect on the impulsivity.  A sample consisted of 26 students from a science and humanities college department in Rumah in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The subjects personal intelligence and impulsivity were measured before and after implementation of the program for the experimental group, The results showed that the program was effective improving personal intelligence and that impulsivity decreased with increases in personal intelligence.

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Sayed Ismail, Hanan Mohamed, and Al-Humidi Al-Dhaidan. 2020. “Effects of Cognitive Therapy Program on Increasing Personal Intelligence”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 9 (2):75-86. https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/perr/article/view/1543.
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Hanan Mohamed Sayed Ismail, Educational science - Faculty of Education - Majmaah University

Associate Professor of Mental Health