Adaptation of the Emotion Regulation Questionnaire in Egyptian Adolescents

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Mohammed Mohammed Fathalla
Fatima Midhat Ibrahim


The aim of this study was to assess the reliability and validity of ERQ in a group of Egyptian adolescents.  648 adolescents from middle schools in Nasr city, Egypt were recruited. These adolescents aged 14-15 years old (M=14.4, SD=2.22). Of which,400 were females (61.72%) while 248 were males (38.27%).  Exploratory Factor Analysis, with CFA and Structural Equation Models (SEM) used to assess the fitness of the two-factor structure of the original (ERQ) questionnaire among those adolescents. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for the two subscales of the questionnaire were .84 and .82, respectively. Confirmatory Factor Analysis was conducted for testing item-factor structure of the scale. Maximum likelihood estimation through AMOS 24 program was conducted with 648 adolescents. Model fit indices showed acceptable goodness of fit values for the 2-factor structure of 10 items of the scale.

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Fathalla, Mohammed Mohammed, and Fatima Midhat Ibrahim. 2020. “Adaptation of the Emotion Regulation Questionnaire in Egyptian Adolescents”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 9 (1):107-11.