A Nigerian Perspective on the Healing of Jairus’ Daughter in Luke 8:40


θεραπεία (therapeia)
healing miracle

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Ademola, Julius Olajide. 2020. “A Nigerian Perspective on the Healing of Jairus’ Daughter in Luke 8:40”. Brolly 3 (2):97-109. https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/brolly/article/view/1593.


The nature of human existence makes it fundamentally necessary for people to live a healthy life. The need to restore people to full health has been paramount to man since creation. Man has always needed to suppress and reduce in intensity such things as enemies, sickness and diseases, which cause pains and damages to humanity.

The healing could partly mean restoring what is broken between one human being and another, between human beings and the universe as a whole. Healing by Jesus aimed at restoring man to both physical and spiritual health. Man is a being, possessing body, mind and spirit, all inextricably connected; each part affecting the whole and the whole being greater than the part. There is also an interconnectedness between human beings and their environment. This interconnectedness acts as a force on the functioning of each individual as a person. Disease or ill-health often arises as a result of a state of imbalance either from within or from the environment. Jesus did not just heal physically without ensuring that those who were healed physically were also restored spiritually to health. Most of the healing miracles led to the confession of faith in Jesus, either before or after the healing.

This study investigated, therefore, the healing of Jairus’ daughter in Luke 8:40 – 42, 49-56 in a Nigerian context, with a view to ascertaining the degree of compliance to Jesus’ command. This study adopted hermeneutical and exegetical methods to analyse the text in order to bring out the essential meaning of healing in the Bible in relation to practice in Nigerian society and descriptive methods of the survey were employed. The results of the interview were then analysed. 

The study concluded that healing is a fundamental aspect of liturgy and practice, which helps in bringing people to salvation. The study then recommended that the authority of the Church should ensure strict compliance with the principles and techniques of healing adopted by Jesus in Luke’s Gospel.