Support in Bereavement: Practical Solutions for Helping Mourners Children and Youth

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Ewelina Łęgowska
Piotr Krakowiak


The process of passing loss and bereavement is a difficult period for any human being. At this particular time, it is important to remember to support the child in dealing with loss and grief. Unfortunately, it can happen that the closest environment, such as family and school is not able to help the mourner properly, especially the children and youth in this silent fight. Support from family and teachers is as needed as help from the various professionals. This article is a review of forms of support in bereaved children and youth, with emphasize on practical methods performed by educators. The paper includes the analysis of forms used in order to help bereaved children in returning to better function in society.

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Łęgowska, Ewelina, and Piotr Krakowiak. 2018. “Support in Bereavement: Practical Solutions for Helping Mourners Children and Youth”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 7 (3), 67-72.
Author Biographies

Ewelina Łęgowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

PhD Candidate

Piotr Krakowiak, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Associate Professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Faculty of Education, Head of Chair of Social Work