Teacher as Leader and Teacher as Manager: Competences of Modern Educator

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Małgorzata Anna Banasiak
Małgorzata Anna Karczmarzyk


This article presents viewpoint on new competencies that are needed in world of image and technologization of world and education. It analyzes how changes in the world, changed the teacher profession form teacher whose main competency is knowledge, to teacher who should be more manager than educational leader. Knowledge itself is no longer such value because of new media and easy access to it. This is significant change because teacher used to be a person who is well educated and has bigger knowledge that his pupils. Now teacher should organize teaching process and teach how to learn, how to choose right information, how to organize learning to be effective.

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Anna Banasiak, Małgorzata, and Małgorzata Anna Karczmarzyk. 2018. “Teacher As Leader and Teacher As Manager: Competences of Modern Educator”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 7 (3), 32-37. https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/IJPES/article/view/279.
Author Biographies

Małgorzata Anna Banasiak, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Department of Psychology

Małgorzata Anna Karczmarzyk, Gdansk University, Poland

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Pedagogy, Laboratory of Media Education