The Authorship of their Own Lives in People with Disabilities: Research Strategy Framework

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Joanna Głodkowska
Urszula Gosk
Marta Pągowska


The article presents a basic strategic framework for research on the authorship of their own lives in people with disabilities (AOL-PwD). This issue corresponds to the humanistic approach to the exploration of the phenomenon of disability, which stresses subjectivity, agency, well-being, independence, and satisfaction with fulfilling age-appropriate tasks. Previous analyses resulted in the theoretical construct and the definition of the AOL-PwD. This article aims to present a research strategy framework for the construct. The following strategic assumptions are considered: (1) universalism, (2) affirmation, (3) interdisciplinarity, (4) comprehensiveness, (5) adaptation, (6) subjectivism, (7) objectivism, (8) participation, (9) individualism, (10) pragmatism, (11) contextuality, and (12) systemness. We think that the AOL-PwD concept creates an inspiring theoretical and empirical space and fosters valuable dialogue across various fields and between rehabilitation theory and practice. The ultimate goal will be to develop an assessment and rehabilitation model of the AOL-PwD concept. Following its recommendations will make it possible to provide people with individual support determined by their subjectivity, independence, and developmental satisfaction. That model will be made based on the identified personal resources and multidimensional determinants of the social environment.

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Głodkowska, Joanna, Urszula Gosk, and Marta Pągowska. 2018. “The Authorship of Their Own Lives in People With Disabilities: Research Strategy Framework”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 7 (3), 7-18.
Author Biographies

Joanna Głodkowska, Maria Grzegorzewska University, Poland

Professor; Director of Institute of Special Education; Head of Chair of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies

Urszula Gosk, Maria Grzegorzewska University, Poland

Assistant Professor; Institute of Special Education; Chair of Educational Therapy

Marta Pągowska, Maria Grzegorzewska University

Assistant Professor; Head of Institute of Special Education; Chair of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies