Love of Life among Palestinian Students in the West Bank and its Relationship with Selected Variables

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Nahida Al-Arja


Love of life is defined as an overall positive attitude toward life and a liking for life. This study aimed to identify the level of love of life among a sample of Palestinian students in Bethlehem and Nablus governorates during the time of the popular revolt (2015) as well as to ascertain the (extent of) impact of selected demographic variables on this. An intentional random sample of 694 West Bank school and university students was chosen. They responded to the Love of Life Scale. The results revealed that the degree of love of life among West Bank students was average. The mean of the total degree (on the scale) was 3.4. No variance of statistical evidence was found on the love of life scale due to the following socio-economic variables: gender, religion, place of residence and educational level of both parents (father and mother). However, variance of statistical significance was found due to religion in favor of Christians. The mean for Christian students was (53.58) compared to (53.48) scored by Muslim students. This is a relatively a close percentage. Place of residence findings showed some differences between village and camp in favor of village residents.

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Al-Arja, Nahida. 2018. “Love of Life Among Palestinian Students in the West Bank and Its Relationship With Selected Variables”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 7 (2), 30 -.
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Nahida Al-Arja, Bethlehem University, Palestine

Assistant Professor PhD, Social Sciences Department