Teachers’ Views on Character/Values Education in Schools

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Kerim Gündoğdu
Nurtaç Üstündağ
Mehmet Altın
Muhammed Eken
Okan Yolcu
Murat Çırakoğlu


The purpose of this study is to depict the character /values education in schools through teacher views. This study is mainly based on a descriptive survey model. Quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques were used together in the study. The study group of the study is two public secondary schools in Aydın Province and two public secondary schools in İzmir, in Turkey. A questionnaire was applied to 66 teachers who wanted to participate in the research and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 23 teachers. The percentages, frequencies and averages of the quantitative data were calculated. Qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis. According to the results of the research; the meanings of character/values education are moral development, social benefit, honesty, personality development, love-respect for teachers. The influence of the family is higher than the other factors (media, peer, school and teacher) on character /values education. Family communication is the most effective factor in the family features on the development of character/values. In the media features, the purpose of using the internet and the type of TV programme have the highest effects on the development of the character/values. Educational factors such as the quality of teachers, profession-love, and openness to improvement are the most influential factors on character/values education. Lessons’ effects on character/values education such as Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge, Guidance and Career Planning, Social Studies and Turkish are higher than the other lessons. The achievements related to the character/values education have not been sufficiently achieved. Many values have not been realized in schools although they seem very important.

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Gündoğdu, Kerim, Nurtaç Üstündağ, Mehmet Altın, Muhammed Eken, Okan Yolcu, and Murat Çırakoğlu. 2019. “Teachers’ Views on Character/Values Education in Schools”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 8 (3), 14-28. https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/IJPES/article/view/1232.