Change in Approach to Problem of Autism Spectrum Disorders Towards the Humanistic and Personalistic Perspective of Understanding the Person

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Jacek Błeszyński


Understanding a whole person is said to be the most difficult challenge of social, humanistic, medical and other sciences. It especially concerns the issue of understanding unique individuals, those perceived as different, non–standard (in any meaning of this word), uncommunicative or strange way by the majority of people. To understand these individuals, one can describe them, define them or penetrate their problems which could be effective only via inclusion. In case of individuals with ASD, due to remarkable progress in recent research, which evolved from exclusion, determining patterns and labelling towards an approach of finding common features and approaching individuals with ASD in a holistic way. A number of notable people with ASD are known in history. They fought for their rights and dignity. These people highlighted how important social development is and proved the working power of inclusion. Nowadays, we should listen to this group of citizens and research subjects so commonly excluded from society. There is a plethora of opportunities to learn about autism and try to understand ASD individuals who can teach researchers about their problems.

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Błeszyński, Jacek. 2019. “Change in Approach to Problem of Autism Spectrum Disorders”. International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences 8 (2), 21-28.