Post-Truth: I lie, therefore I exist

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Juan Jorge Almonacid Sierra


Mythos and Logos always come into contact sharing a common opinion, which tends to be stronger than that which is supposed and admitted. Indeed, everything indicates that the perennial battle of antagony, that is Mythos ↔ Logos, is to establish and to impose the truth, and he who in the end is invincible is the common sense that remains immune to faith and reason; he who only shows himself to be vulnerable, thus succumbs to passion. In the same way, Mythos and Logos also begin to wilt and to give in, just as is proven by the unrestrained subjectivism of postmodernity and its hegemonic post-truth, in which one’s own opinion has become sacred and the art of lying is based on words that ‘feel’ like the truth, but have no ‘real’ basis.

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