Revisiting Diaspora


South Asian diasporas in Britain

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Choudhury, Tahseen. 2019. “Revisiting Diaspora”. Brolly 2 (1), 119-35.


Multicultural Britain – when we refer to this identity of this English land, we denote something deeper and more significant than a mere study of the coexistence of communities with various cultures. The formative process of a country as multicultural consists of history, proliferation, reorientation and transformation of migrants in that country. If we look at the graph of multiculturalism in Britain, we can understand that it entails an exclusive study of diasporaisation that includes the history of diasporas in Britain, their arrival, their traumas, their struggle, their rise and transformation. Races from across the world arrived in Britain for various reasons and gave birth to a landscape of multiculturalism. Migrant communities spread all over the country form a platform of multi-cultures where they relentlessly interact with the host culture and thus begin to essay their shift to a new identity. South Asian communities in Britain have undergone these layers of evolution and metamorphosis since their arrival. Some noted writers from these communities have addressed various stages of diasporic experiences in their narratives. This essay briefly discusses this aspect of South Asian diasporic writers in Britain while examining the historical and socio-cultural contexts of diasporaisation.