The Berlin Wall as a Heterotopian Site


Michel Foucault
street art
Edward Soja
Berlin Wall
Cold War
Hilde Heynen
Christine Boyer

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Konttinen, Iiris. 2019. “The Berlin Wall As a Heterotopian Site”. Brolly 2 (3), 83-89.


The Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas visited Berlin in the summer of 1971. Since then, he famously proclaimed that his encounter with the Berlin Wall at that time was his very first psychological confrontation with the powerful side of architecture. The Berlin Wall seemed to invert all of his expectations and perceptions of reality (Boyer 2008, 65). This powerful encounter made him affirm a well-known maxim: “Where there is nothing, everything is possible; where there is architecture, nothing (else) is possible” (Boyer 2008, 65, Koolhaas 1995).