Ventriculo Peritoneal Shunt (VPS)
distal catheter migration

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Agarwal, M. ., Pandey, S. ., Kumar, P. ., & Gupta, L. . (2021). Shunt in scrotum: unusual shunt complication in an operated case of post TBM hydrocephalus. Romanian Neurosurgery, 35(2), 225–227. Retrieved from http://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/roneurosurgery/article/view/1947


The role of shunt placement is to divert cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from within the ventricles to an alternative location most commonly peritoneal space. Ventriculo Peritoneal Shunt (VPS) is associated with many complications viz over drainage, valve failure, breaking of catheter, catheter obstruction, coiling of catheter, spontaneous knot formation, infection and migration of distal catheter and all of them finally leading to obstructive hydrocephalus. One such complication is distal catheter migration to a rare but possible site i.e. scrotum. We reported a case of scrotal migration of shunt as a late complication of VPS insertion.



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