Financial literacy in Turkish preschool education

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Semra Tican Başaran
Gözde Gürdal
Sedat Altıntaş


Financial literacy is one of the basic skills of the 21st-century. It is an important skill to survive in the complex economies of the modern era. It is better to develop financial literacy skills at early ages. This study aims to examine the current state of FL education in preschool education in Turkey. For this aim, in this qualitative study, the Turkish preschool education curriculum was examined and the interviews were conducted with 20 preschool teachers constituting the study group. The data collected from document analysis were subjected to descriptive analysis and the data collected by interviews were subjected to content analysis. Results of the study show that Turkish preschool education is not supportive of financial literacy both in terms of curriculum and the teachers. For a strong foundation of FL in Turkey, the Turkish preschool education curriculum should be revised and the preschool teachers must be supported in terms of the development of FL skills at early childhood.

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Tican Başaran, Semra, Gözde Gürdal, and Sedat Altıntaş. 2021. “Financial Literacy in Turkish Preschool Education”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (2):8-28.