Validity and reliability study of the parent-child shared book reading inventory

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Şule Tepetaş Cengiz
Erol Dilek


This study aimed to adapt the original form of the “Parent-Child Shared Book Reading Survey” developed by Cutler (2020) to Turkish and to test its validity and reliability. During the adaptation process, the survey was translated into Turkish first, and then the expert opinion was sought for validity, followed by back translation. The adapted inventory was finalized after the pilot implementation. The validity study of the Parent-Child Shared Book Reading Inventory included testing the factor analysis assumptions for the following five questionnaires included in the inventory: Reading Skills Beliefs Scale for Shared Book Reading, Parents’ Reading and Writing Habits Scale, Parents’ Modeling for Reading-Writing Habits Scale, Shared Book Reading Activity Scale and Child’s Reading Habits Scale. Then exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was implemented to 332 parents with preschool children. The accuracy of the factor structures revealed by EFA was tested on a second data set with confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on 158 parents. The results demonstrated that the Parent-Child Shared Book Reading Inventory is a valid and reliable measurement tool in assessing the quality and characteristic of parent-child shared book reading activities.

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Tepetaş Cengiz, Şule, and Erol Dilek. 2021. “Validity and Reliability Study of the Parent-Child Shared Book Reading Inventory”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (2):328-50.