An examination of values education based on the experiences of classroom teachers

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Nermin Karabacak


Classroom teachers, who have the duty of fostering values in the socialisation of the child, occupy a key position in achieving success in primary education. In this research, the impact of values education on the Turkish education system is revealed, based on the experiences of classroom teachers. The research was conducted with a case study design in the qualitative paradigm. A purposive sampling method was used to determine the study group by considering gender, professional experience, graduate/postgraduate education status, length of tenure, work location and class levels. The results of the research reveal that the contribution of values education is that it enables hardworking, honest, successful and virtuous individuals, who produce and share knowledge, to be raised. The values that need to be nurtured in students are primarily universal, individual and national values. Values education must be supported by integrating it with lessons and by the participation of the family. In order to attain success in a sustainable values education, it is seen that for fostering of basic values, responsibility needs to be shared among education stakeholders.

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Karabacak, Nermin. 2021. “An Examination of Values Education Based on the Experiences of Classroom Teachers”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (2):270-83.