Analyzing the relationship between social studies teacher candidates’ motivation for teaching profession and self-efficacy

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Serpil Recepoğlu
B.Ünal İbret


The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the self-efficacy perceptions of social studies prospective teachers and the motivation for teaching profession. This study is a descriptive study in relational survey model. This research was carried out with 2193 social studies prospective teachers of 1th 2nd 3th 4th grade at Faculty of Education at twelve universities. According to findings of the research, there is a moderate, positive significant relationship between social studies prospective teachers’motivation for teaching profession and social studies prospective teachers’ sense of efficacy. When the results of regression analysis are examined, it is seen that the motivation for teaching profession is a significant predictor of teachers’ sense of efficacy. In conclusion, these research findings are thought to be important for the education faculties that have the responsibility of raising qualified teachers. Taking a qualified education of social studies prospective teachers will affect their professional self-efficacy and their motivation for the teaching profession. It is therefore important to increase the effectiveness of the teacher training process and to encourage prospective teachers to develop opportunities in their own willness and interests.    

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Recepoğlu, Serpil, and B.Ünal İbret. 2021. “Analyzing the Relationship Between Social Studies Teacher candidates’ Motivation for Teaching Profession and Self-Efficacy”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (2):194-202.