Investigation of teachers’ approaches to the principles of critical pedagogy A mixed method study

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Mehmet Aydın Sağlik
Kevser Özaydinlik


The purpose of the current study is to examine the opinions of teachers working in different education levels on the principles of critical pedagogy in terms of various variables. The explanatory sequential mixed design, one of the mixed method approaches, was used in the study. In the quantitative dimension of the study, the opinions of the teachers were obtained with the help of a scale. In the qualitative dimension, a semi-structured interview form was used. Research data were collected in the 2019/2020 academic year; statistical analysis and descriptive analysis were used in the analysis of the collected data. According to the findings of the study, the level of agreement of the teachers participating in the study with the principles of critical pedagogy is generally “low”. In the qualitative dimension of the study, it can be stated that even for the teachers who evaluate the education system positively from different angles, the education system constitutes an obstacle, rather than a contribution, to the liberation of the individual or society.

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Sağlik, Mehmet Aydın, and Kevser Özaydinlik. 2021. “Investigation of teachers’ Approaches to the Principles of Critical Pedagogy: A Mixed Method Study”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 10 (2):126-41.