Gender Roles at the Vocational High Schools in Turkey

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Asiye Toker Gokce
Ergin Dikme


The purpose of this study is to investigate gender roles in vocational high schools. Hence, this study attempted to determine whether gender distributions in schools are influential in the gender roles of students. The sample included 423 students studying in five different types of high schools (vocational, health, multi-program, girls’ vocational, and boys’ religious). The study was designed in the survey model. Bem’s Gender Role Inventory was used to collect the data. The results of the research revealed the differences between sex and gender roles. In addition to that, there was a significant difference in the gender role ratios of male and female students, depending on the type of high school. To conclude, gender weight in the vocational school affects gender roles, primarily vocational high schools.


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Toker Gokce, Asiye, and Ergin Dikme. 2020. “Gender Roles at the Vocational High Schools in Turkey”. Psycho-Educational Research Reviews 9 (3):56-69.
Author Biographies

Asiye Toker Gokce, Associate Professor. Faculty of Education, Kocaeli University, Turkey

Asiye Toker Gokce is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Administration Faculty of Education at the University of Kocaeli, Turkey. Her areas of specialization are professional values, gender, and deviant behaviors in education, and organizational behavior.,

Ergin Dikme, Kocaeli University

Ph.D. student at Kocaeli University, Educational Sciences Dept. Turkey. His research area is gender in education.