Power Relations and the Inevitable


Miklós Jancsó
Michel Foucault
power relations
Hungarian cinema

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Paris, Yago. 2021. “Power Relations and the Inevitable: The Cinema of Miklós Jancsó from a Foucauldian Perspective”. Brolly 4 (1):103-11. http://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/brolly/article/view/1830.


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the concepts of power relations, identity, and personality in the cinema of Miklós Jancsó. Even though I take the film My Way Home (1965) as the object study, I point out that the analysis can be applied to the rest of his filmography, since it consists of a recurrent study of similar narrative patterns and topics. To achieve this goal and offer a better understanding of the philosophy behind the cinema of the Hungarian director, I approach the study from a Foucaultian perspective, from which I find a set of relevant similarities and differences between the political visions of both authors. I conclude that how power relations are represented in Jancsó’s films lead to the idea of the inevitable, in which characters are not in control of their fate.